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Testimonial Sandy Wong

Hi, my name is Sandy. I've been going to Insync Physio for almost two years now. Due to a problem with my left hip, I hardly can go for my favourite golf game. Two years ago, I even have to wake up middle of the night because of pain on my knee and part of the heel.

Ever since I got the IMS treatment from Wil Seto I'm slowly can get back to my golf game, sleep wonderfully at night, and also enjoy my regular exercise activities.

Once again Wil, thank you so much for giving me back my enjoyment. 

Testimonial Rob Whitzman

Hey there, I thought I'd take a few seconds to talk about Insync Physiotherapy. Had a back injury for a couple of years and I just couldn't get it better. I went to lots of physios, lots of chiros, had all kinds of treatments. I was able to operate but it was very uncomfortable. Some days was excruciating.

And anyways, I thought I'd try something a little bit different.  I was told about IMS treatment and I went to Insync and got my IMS treatment. I happened to be really responsive to that treatment apparently. So one day later pain was 90% gone. Two days later, a hundred percent.

I'd never seen anything. Like it couldn't believe the results, but it worked really well. Have had a couple injuries since then. And IMS has helped in most of those occasions. Sometimes it's a combination of exercise, IMS, stretching. But I find that Insync Physios professionals always seem to have a solution.

Thanks a lot. 

Testimonial – Paul Toffoli

My name is Paul Toffoli  and I just wanted to give a big thank you to the team at Insync Physiotherapy. I've been seeing one of the physios due to really chronic tennis elbow caused by playing too much golf. And I've received IMS and massage and lots of take-home exercises so I can work on it on my own.

I've seen a vast improvement. The pain has really minimized and my golf game has improved. So thank you so much.

Low Back Pain Testimonial – Justin Booth

Hi, my name's Justin Booth. I am a patient at Insync Physiotherapy. I first went there because I had some really bad, lower back pain. And it was getting to the point where after a round of golf, or sometimes in the morning after some physical activity the day before, I was having trouble standing up straight. And I went to see Wil and some of his people at the clinic and they helped me diagnose what the issue was.

And then they administered IMS. Intramuscular stimulation, on that part of my back. And I had almost instantaneous relief, for weeks and months afterwards. This was a problem that had plagued me for a long time. And when I finally went and saw Wil and his people at Insync Physio, they were nothing but professional.

And really found out very quickly what my problem was and found a way to help me rectify it. So thank you. The result now is I can golf and do all my physical activities with almost no pain. And if I ever do have pain in my back afterwards, I now know what to do to fix it. So thank you Wil, and your whole team at Insync Physio for always being so great and helping all of us stay active and live our best life.

Entee – Runner Testimonial

Hey, what's up, what's up everybody. Just want to give a quick shout out over to the Insync Physio team. I've been seeing them for the past three weeks and goodness gracious have they ever helped me with my mobility work on my run guys. You know, I've been looking to improve my runs and for the longest time I was not using the full function of the, actually the tripod.

So when they went to explain that I was able to increase my efficiency and my effectiveness on the run. I be able to last long. And on top of that, I did the IMS, which is dry needling for anybody that hasn't tried dry needling, go see these guys, they're experts. They really know what they're doing.

And it's, I did my traps and my lats, and it's really opened up my traps and lats. I have really, really tight traps and lats for the longest time. And once they've done it, man does it ever like, number one it kills, but it's so good. It's really opened it up for me to be able to actually do proper workouts at the gym.

So anyways, what I'd say, give a quick shout out to the Insync Physio team. Thank you so much guys. Professional, clean. You guys are great and you guys are friendly too. So thanks again guys.

INSYNC PHYSIO Testimonial for Skier & Rock Climber – Allison

So I started going to you Insync Physio about two ski seasons ago when I had a fall while skiing. And I didn't think it was a really big deal, but when I got home, I was in a lot of pain. I could barely lift up my arm. 

So I was really lucky I was able to quickly get an appointment and then I got some physio treatment and also the really great take home exercises and the support that I received really allowed me to rehab my arm quite quickly and I was still able to ski for the rest of that season. 

I'm also an avid climber. I climb three, four, sometimes even five times a week. And I'm also an avid cyclist. And so I had been really been able to get a lot of support from the physiotherapy team. And also have the massage therapy team as well. For me to really continue doing all the activities that I love at the level that I want to do it at. 

So thank you so much for all your support in the past two years. Thank you.

Birgit Holm Testimonial

Hello, this is a testimonial video for Wil at Insync Physiotherapy. My kids and myself have been going to Insync Physiotherapy probably for the last 10 years. 

When my kids were younger, they were in sports. My son, a skateboarder and the soccer player, my youngest daughter, a gymnast, and on several occasions they had injuries and, I would take them there and get treatment as well as, advice on what kind of exercises to do to improve the condition and help heal the injury?

One occasion in particular, my son had a skateboard accident and hurt his ankle. I immediately called Wil and said, what do I do? Do I go to emergency? What do I do? And we talked about what the symptoms were and how it looked. He said, you know what Birgit, bring them in right now. And we'll do an assessment and we'll let you know if he needs to go to emergency.

Well, that was just perfect. There was no waiting in the emergency. Just went straight in. We took him in, they did the assessment and fortunately in that case, we didn't have to go to emergency. So it was just such a time saver and such a peace in that moment to know that Wil's team, you know, can take care of my family and provide amazing advice to help my kids heal. To make sure that they wouldn't have any longterm affects from their injuries.

So I really cannot recommend Wil enough. He's been amazing support for my family, as we are all very active and we need to rehabilitate quickly so we can get back to having the fun we love to have.

So thank you so much Wil and your team for all of your amazing support over the years.

Ami Sanyal Testimonial

Before seeing Insync Physio I had some pain in my leg and for years I ignored it. Eventually it got painful enough that I went to a doctor. And he said it was nothing probably just needed to do some stretching or maybe exercising. When it didn't get better, I decided to see Insync and the physiotherapist there actually listened to my story.

And the first thing he said is that he thought I should get an x-ray. I got the x-ray and it turned out that there was a benign tumor in my femur that was threatening to break my femur. It was responsible for all the pain it needed to come out. I ended up going back to Insync several times just to get the exercises and treatment that I needed.

 At this point post-surgery I am much more able to walk and run and play with my kids. And, really that one appointment was pretty life changing for me. So thank you Insync.

Julia Boyle Testimonial

One of the things that I really love about Insync Physio is that Adam, my physiotherapist, helped me get to the root of my problem of my back injury, where I've been having a lot of hip issues as well in my lower back. A lot of physiotherapists that I'd seen before, just kind of treat the symptoms and look at gaining strength.

But with Adam, he really did a full assessment and helped to understand what the core issue is. So, it helps me manage my injury on my own and when I have flare ups to understand what's wrong and what I should be doing. So I really appreciate that kind of education is empowerment and I feel a lot more empowered to deal with my injuries and a lot more confident to deal with it.

So for me, it was a huge win getting into Insync and I'm meeting with Adam and just really learning more about my body and how to take better care of it. So I definitely 100% recommend and Insync Physio and their team is really kind and caring and really care about helping people get back on their feet.

So I am a proud and happy client of Insync Physio.

Tim Begley Testimonial

I highly recommend Insync Physiotherapy. I went in as a patient because of low back pain and that was taking me away from doing my job. Kaitlyn took a really good assessment and it turns out it was actually coming from my hip. I really appreciated how much time she spent doing the assessment and figuring out what was actually going on.

She needled it, which was very uncomfortable for me, but it really was effective, and then gave me some stretches and exercises for management. I've had a few times where the issue has popped back up, and then going back to those stretches seems to resolve the issue. Super good experience.

I really like how they spend time to really understand what's actually going on, great treatment options, as well as, providing stretches and exercise for self-management so that I don't need to go back in. I highly recommend them.