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" Thanks to Insync Physio for the first time in six years since hurting my back I have minimal pain on a daily basis and I am starting to recover and get my strength back – something other physios have not been able to do.

- Celia G.

Physiotherapy in Vancouver and Burnaby

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About InSync Physiotherapy

InSync Physiotherapy Vancouver provides services in Sports Medicine, Sports Injury Rehab, Physiotherapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Sport Massage Therapy & IMS. 

We also accept WorkSafe BC & ICBC claims.

We are excited to be providing integrated patient–centred health care services to help you get back "InSync" with your optimal health & maximum potential for sport, work or play.

We are committed to give you the highest level of professional care and service while utilizing latest advances in physiotherapy & health care to treat the underlying cause(s) of your problem.

Bridging the gap between medicine and rehabilitation, we will help you connect with how you really want to move again.

2 Clinic Locations


102-4088 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC V5Z 2X8

Tel: 604-566-9716
Fax: 604-566-9718

Mon - Fri: 7am—7pm
Saturday: 8am—1pm


204-4580 Hastings Street
Burnaby BC V5C 2K4

Tel: 604-298-4878
Fax: 604-298-9779

Mon - Fri: 7am—7pm
Saturday: 8am—2pm

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