COVID-19 Updates and Procedures

Now that we have reopened, we are looking forward to helping our patients in our clinics again. Navigating in this new landscape, we will have appropriate guidelines and cleaning protocols in place to keep our community safe. We will also continue to provide virtual online physiotherapy consultations during our reopening. Book your appointment online or by phone and let us help you connect with how you want to move again.

A mandatory requirement of the Provincial Health Authority, WorkSafeBC and our regulatory college is that you are advised about the risk of contracting COVID-19 and that everyone is asked COVID-19 specific screening questions within 24 hours of your attendance.

You will be asked to complete the COVID-19 Symptom Screening form before EVERY session. Please help us by taking a couple minutes to complete and return this screening questionnaire every time you get it, or you will not be able to be seen.

If you have a fever, are taking medications to reduce a fever, have a cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please reschedule your appointment (no penalty) and contact your doctor. We will also reschedule our day if we have any symptoms that put you at risk. 

Remember to maintain 2 metres of physical distancing, frequent hand washing and not touch your face.

Masks are mandatory for the duration of your visit. If you do not have a clean mask on or did not bring your own reusable mask, you will be asked to purchase a mask for $1.50 (at cost).

Please click on link below for more information on our new safety procedures.

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" Thanks to Insync Physio for the first time in six years since hurting my back I have minimal pain on a daily basis and I am starting to recover and get my strength back – something other physios have not been able to do.

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InSync Physiotherapy Vancouver provides services in Sports Medicine, Sports Injury Rehab, Physiotherapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Sport Massage Therapy & IMS. 

We also accept WorkSafe BC & ICBC claims.

We are excited to be providing integrated patient–centred health care services to help you get back "InSync" with your optimal health & maximum potential for sport, work or play.

We are committed to give you the highest level of professional care and service while utilizing latest advances in physiotherapy & health care to treat the underlying cause(s) of your problem.

Bridging the gap between medicine and rehabilitation, we will help you connect with how you really want to move again.

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