July 5


Wrist Ligament Sprain Injuries – Functional Towel Extension Exercise

By Wil Seto

July 5, 2021

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A common problem after spraining your wrist is a restricted pinching pain on the top of the wrist. Pain and loss in full extension can persist when trying to put weight through the hand with the wrist extended, like pushing yourself up from sitting or doing a push up. This can continue to occur even months after it’s fully healed because the movement dysfunction in the wrist has not been normalized. Here’s an exercise that can help restore this.

Start by identifying your scaphoid bone located between your two thumb tendons and the second bone called your lunate which is right beside it. You will also be using the webspace of your opposite hand. Roll up a hand towel and can grab it comfortably with your knuckles down.

Then wrap the webspace of your other hand nice and snug around the those two bones of your wrist with some downward pressure while pressing down with your affected wrist at the same time. Extend your elbow to provide weighted extension into your wrist, then release.

To add more functional weight resistance, bring one leg on the couch and go onto one foot on the ground to get a little higher. You can also stand up to add more weight resistance. Repeat this for 15 reps doing 3 sets 3 times per day.

This exercise should not cause any pain or discomfort. If you have pain or are unsure about what you are doing consult a local physiotherapist before continuing.

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