What is Telehealth?

Hi everybody. My name is Adam and I'm a registered physiotherapist with Insync Physiotherapy. I'm here to tell you about an exciting new service we are offering. In light of Covid-19, Insync Physio has admirably decided to do our part of social distancing by temporarily suspending all in-person client care. 

While we recognize that health concerns and injuries continue to arise, many are still recovering from injuries and, or continue to struggle with chronic pain. Clients still require exercise for progression and benefit from advice from our movement specialists to return to the activities they love. 

Because we do not know the extent of this pandemic. We have proactively launched a partnership with Physio Track and Jane App to offer a secure encrypted tele-health video appointments. Appointments will be offered during regular clinic hours and it can be booked online using www.insyncphysio.janeapp.com.

We can also call in, to book the appointments. So far, appointments can be booked for 30 minute assessments and 15 minute followup appointments. During these sessions, you and your physio therapist will discuss your injury, perform an assessment, and go over exercises, which will help you move better.

We're really excited about the service. We've already completed several treatments and we find that it is a really great way to just connect with clients and make sure that they're getting the care that they need. So if you're interested or have any questions, please email us  at infoatinsyncphysio.com. Or give us a call at (604) 566-9716. Thanks and stay healthy.