May 8


Vertical Hangs to Strengthen Shoulder Injuries in Rock Climbing

By Wil Seto

May 8, 2023

shoulder pain

Start by using a stool to step up to reach for grab bars or a chin up bar. Engage the core muscles of your low back and prevent it from arching. While gripping the bar above, pull the arm in towards your socket. Avoid pulling in a downward motion so you do not activate your lat muscle.

To make it easier keep both feet on the stool. To make it slightly harder leave one foot on the stool. To make it even more challenging remove both feet. Hold this for 10 seconds doing 3 sets x 10 reps daily to start.

This exercise works the shoulder muscles to help with more optimal stabilization and movement reactivation patterns after an injury. If you have any pain or problems performing this exercise please stop and consult with your local Physiotherapist before continuing.

Wil Seto

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