Vancouver Physiotherapist Sports and Manual Therapy Rehab Clinics – Adrienne Chan

Adrienne: Hi, my name is Adrienne and I'm a physiotherapist at Insync. So I guess today is getting to know you segment.

Wil: What do I love about being a physio? 

Adrienne: Oh, that's a tough one. I think I like a lot of aspects about physio. My favourite part, I think, is definitely connecting to a person. Get to talk with them. Get to know them. You get to witness their lives, essentially. They're coming in and you're learning about their story and then their goals, and then you get the whole privilege of just helping them achieve what they're coming in for. And even more. Just goal-setting and just blasting through it and just coming up with more and then achieving more, and it's just partnership and it's work and it's communication. It's just a whole lot of fun talking with people and just laughing. That's my favorite part really, connecting with people.

Wil: Nice. So what kind of things do you love to do outside of like helping people and treating people. And I want to know a little more about you. 

Adrienne: Oh, that's tough too. Well, I guess I like being off the grid. Anywhere that doesn't have reception, I love it there already. So into the mountains, hiking, backpacking, thru-trekking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, just kind of got into that and maybe last two years, but biking. So my next project would be bike touring. So I need a) a new bike and view some new routes. So just exploring the grid really. I would say travelling, but I guess that's a big no-no right now. So right now it's just like, a lot of nature stuff and just projecting things through different ways to get to different places in different means. 

And just being outside and just re-nourishing the soul through sky, rain, mountains, crafts, everything. That's how you want to rejuvenate. That's how you want to move. Exploring movement in the outside world unrestricted basically. So yeah. 

Wil: If you weren't a physio, then what do you think you'd be doing instead? 

Adrienne: If I wasn't a physio? Probably just trying to get into Physio  school then, really. But if you really had to shove me and I really can't go into physio school either, I would say, oh my goodness, and I would say this was a hundred percent of influence that Vancouver has on me, but it would definitely be a journalist. I would love to work for a journalist for Nat Geo, National Geographic and just going to different parts of the world and collecting stories and just witnessing the lives of different people in different settings and different environments.

And I guess that's kind of why I love physio because you got the privilege of doing all of that, but to a specific person, really. So I guess just, journalism for a specific magazine and you're getting to do all of that, but I guess in a very different way, I get to see a narrative and express a narrative in a completely different way as well.

Wil: Yeah, that's so cool. I totally love National Geographic. So if you look at, in your profession as a physio then, what would you say is your special area focus on your interest side? 

Adrienne: Special area of focus. I actually really enjoy motor sequencing. So I like treating a variety of things like knees, ankles, or jaws, neck, everything. But what I love about every single part is motor sequencing. Is how you're doing a movement, how you're finessing a certain movement and how your finessing like a certain way you're moving, expressing what you want to express. And with that, it's just a combination, a lot of manual therapy. I mean, it's fun touching people. Yes. Yes. I know. But this is a controlled setting and through clinical Pilates, where you get them to feel that sequence and get them to feel that flow, that natural free flow of movement, find that muscle, find that joint, find how you're expressing it and putting it together.

That was definitely what I say I really like and resonate with, because then that means you're achieving those goals.It's not about pain-free, it's achieving your goals and achieving everything you want to do in life and not being scared of doing those things, which I think is like so important. Sometimes overlooked in a lot of rehab. Yeah.

Wil: And what is the areas of physiotherapy that you specialize in that I guess. 

Adrienne: Oh, I do a lot of clinical bodies, manual therapy, dry needling, IMS, and exercise, prescription, a lot of exercise prescription because that's essentially what we all need to be doing irregardless of what you're coming in for, so yeah.