Vancouver Physiotherapist Adam Mann – Sport and Spinal Injuries Rehab

What’s your background?
So, I’m a Physiotherapist from Calgary - I just moved to Vancouver this month. I’m very excited to be here. I love this city so far. In Calgary I was managing a clinic near the University in private practice. I’ve taken several advance orthopaedic division courses which teaches manual therapy techniques like active release and muscle energy techniques. I’ve also taken some functional dry needling and Mackenzie treatment for low backs, which basically just helps clients by teaching them how their spine moves and how you can basically teach clients to do a self mobilization on there lumbar spine. Besides that I really enjoy hiking. I also cross country ski a fair bit and I’m cycling everywhere in this city.
What inspired you to become a Physiotherapist?
So I have a background in social work and I’ve always felt this desire to help people, and as a pre-requisite to participating in a lot of social justice initiatives you have to be physically present or you have to move. And so the idea of being a Physical Therapist and just helping people move better really, really inspired me so I went back to school and became a Physio.
Why do you choose to work at INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY?
So I think if you look at our website we have a really strong team of therapists with advanced training, really great one-on-one patient care, and a lot of clinical in-services. So it’s a good interdisciplinary team and I get to learn a lot from my co-workers.
What are you passionate about?
So I’ve mentioned some of the sports that I’m really passionate about. I really enjoy cross country skiing, I love hiking. Travelling is really important to me and I just came back from Belize scuba diving where I’ve basically done eighty five dives in my life - I’ve done three out of the ten top dives in the world and I’m hoping to hit all of them from my bucket list.
Areas of Special Interest and Focus in Treatment?
I’m a big fan of treating knees. I really like addressing sort of the knee deficit in particular, teaching clients how to load the knee properly so they can perform the movement pain free or / and basically my treatments specialize on strength training. So there’s the idea that basically stretching while may feel really good does not necessarily address the mechanical problems that might be loading the joint. Now, in certain situations stretching is very much indicated but loading the structures so they can handle the capacity or the work you’re putting on it is pretty important as well.