Vancouver Physio Samantha Lee

Hi, I'm Samantha and I'm a physiotherapist at Insync Physio. I enjoy being a physiotherapist because I like being able to create connections with other people and being able to help others overcome their challenges or reach their goals.

Just from my previous experiences, I know that pain and injuries, they can really affect a person's life either physically or mentally. And I find it really rewarding being able to help people and guide people through their recovery process.

So Insync is a really great place to work just because we have such an awesome team. You know, we're always talking, we're always collaborating on different cases and we're all really here to help each other out. We also do a lot of in-services, so that just helps us keep up to date with current practices and evidence.

So I like working with people of all ages and abilities, but I do focus mostly on sports and orthopedics. Outside of work, you know, I rock climb and I play bassman volleyball. So naturally I am just drawn a bit more to working with shoulders and knees.

I also really enjoy the outdoors, so outside of the clinic, I'm also camping a lot in the summer or I'll be snowboarding in the winter time. Aside for that, I'm usually looking for my next travel destination.