Ultimate Work-out “Agility / Core”- And Helps Prevent Hip, Knee, Ankle and Back Injuries!

Hey, I’m Claire McDonald I’m here from INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY. We’re here to show you a conditioning workout today in Ultimate Frisbee. So this is going to help you be stronger, play faster and be a better Ultimate Frisbee player. If you have any injuries with any of these exercises or with anything that you’re unsure about, it’s best to consult your Physiotherapist just to make sure everything is good to go! We’re going to do some agility ladder training. So what that’s going to help with is it’s going to help you get more coordinated, faster agility and helps you with some cutting and faking out your player. So we’re going to do 4 drills. So the first one we’re going to do an “In-Out shuffle”, in & out of the line, the second one is going to be the “Icky Shuffle”, the third one is going to be a “Side-side Twist”, and the last one is a “Cross over” patterning. Alright… First one is the “In-Out Shuffle”. And then you’re going to do the “In-Out Shuffle” on the way back as well. And the next exercise on the agility ladder is the “Icky Shuffle”. And next, we are going to do the “Side-ways Twist”. Alright, so next we;re going to a “Cross Over” agility Patterning. And this is really focusing on the rotation and the pivoting as well. So this is really going to help with your cuts, getting more coordinated and more quick agility in order to make faster cuts. Now, we’re going to do a “Plank with a side-kick”. So when you are in the plank position, you want to be nice in the core engaged… so belly button up toward your spine, nice flat back, shoulders engaged not letting them sag, and no bum up in the air… and this is a good position here. And from here you’re going to kick your leg out to the side… about 10 repetitions and 10 repetitions the other way. Alright, Good! So yo can take a quick break. The next one we are going to do is a “StarFish Plank”. So with this one, what you’re going to do is put all your weight onto your … Let’s start with your right leg and right arm and transition into that. Keeping that core engaged as we talked about before… And you can plank over to the other side. Good!