Ultimate Frisbee Injuries: How to fully rehabilitate your power and strength?

Just Finished playing a week-end tournament?

So you just finished playing a tournament this week-end and you have some extra soreness that’s more than normal in your lower quadrant – namely your thighs, hips, knees, legs or ankles.

What do you do after you have done physiotherapy and rested for several days, and am now eager to get back to playing again? Make sure you have your Physiotherapist assess your functional movement patterns and find out what continued imbalances that you may still have.
Flush out swelling from direct impact with the ground using K-Tape

You need to also make sure you strengthen the weak areas. Doing some specific functional strengthening can help you regain power which could be part of your muscle imbalance equation. It is possible that this will not only help you play harder, run faster, jump higher and cut sharper but may also help you prevent you from getting injured in your next game or tournament. Below is a specific exercise (with a progression to the basic) that can help you increase power and strength through your legs and thighs:

(The following exercise video should be used at your own discretion. At any point of performing this exercise, there should be no pain experienced. If you do, please consult a health care practitioner like a Physiotherapist.)


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