Testimonial Rob Whitzman

Hey there, I thought I'd take a few seconds to talk about Insync Physiotherapy. Had a back injury for a couple of years and I just couldn't get it better. I went to lots of physios, lots of chiros, had all kinds of treatments. I was able to operate but it was very uncomfortable. Some days was excruciating.

And anyways, I thought I'd try something a little bit different.  I was told about IMS treatment and I went to Insync and got my IMS treatment. I happened to be really responsive to that treatment apparently. So one day later pain was 90% gone. Two days later, a hundred percent.

I'd never seen anything. Like it couldn't believe the results, but it worked really well. Have had a couple injuries since then. And IMS has helped in most of those occasions. Sometimes it's a combination of exercise, IMS, stretching. But I find that Insync Physios professionals always seem to have a solution.

Thanks a lot.