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Ultimate Frisbee Dynamic Warm Up: How To Prevent Injuries & Perform Better!

Hey, I’m Claire McDonald, I’m from INSYNC PHYSIO. We’re here today to shoot a dynamic warm up for Ultimate Frisbee. We’re doing this because it’s going to help loosen up our muscles, get our muscles activated before we play. It’s also going to help prevent injuries as well. This should take about 10 to 15 minutes to do; So We’ll get started! Ok, so we’re going to get into starting the warm up. When you first start out, you want to run for about 5 to 10 minutes… so a few laps around the field, depending on the temperature and how you’re feeling. But then as you get into these exercises you’re going to do each one about 20 yards or so back and forth of half the width of the field. So we’re going to get into our dynamic warm up. The first exercise we are going to do is going to be a “Side step” with a nice big arm swing out to the side making sure you get a big full arm extension. You guys ready to go? Alright, So the second exercise we are going to do we are going to do a “Skip with a nice big arm swing” forward. So let’s do that one. Ok, so the next exercise we are going to do is a “Carioca patterning”. So we’ll go one way on the way out and the other way on the way back. Alright, the next exercise we are going to do is going to be a “High Knees”. So making sure your core is engaged… Nice high knees up to your chest! Alright, so the next one we’re going to is a “Butt kick”. So with this one again you want to make sure your core is engaged, nice tall posture kicking right up towards your butt ok. Ok, the next exercise we are going to do is a “Toe touch”, which is really going to get our hamstrings going. So with this one as well you want to make sure you’re balancing nice and well and controlling the motion. So ready? Alright, so the next one we are going to do is a “Toe touch as we do a little bit of hop forwards”; so a little bit of a momentum going forwards. So opposite arm touching opposite foot. The next one we are going to do is a “Lunge with a bit of a Spinal Twist.” So with this one when you come down into a lunge you want to make sure your knee is nice and strong and is not transferring over into the inside of your knee and staying right over top of your toes. Alright. Ok. So the next one we are going to do is a “Hurdler” motion. So on the way there we’re going to go backwards and on the way here we’re going to come forwards and rotate inwards Ok…Ok, we’re going to go inwards. Next we’re going to do like a “Knee Hug” just to warm up our hips to get them stretched out. And the next one we’re going to do is a sort of “Sky The Disc”. So you’re going to come up with whatever arm you want to jump with… with the same knee coming up towards you so that way you can get a little higher with it. Good Stuff! Alright, so this part of our warm up is getting the arms nice and warmed up. So first we’re going to start with some “Arm circles” going forwards. And we’re going to do each of these exercises for about 15 to 20 seconds. And then we are going to do backwards. The next one we’re going to do is just an opposite arms straight forwards and backwards. Ok. So we’re going to get into a bit of a sideways lunge, and then we’re going to pretend were throwing the disc each way. So we’ll start going this way… and then lunge, and then we’ll go this way. Alright. Now we’re going to get into a bit of a spinal twist here. And you can kind of get the hips going a little bit so the motion comes all the way from your feet. Just get the back warmed up. Alright. Lastly to get the blood pumping we’re going to do some jumping jacks. The next one we’re going to do is bring our elbows up and shoulders at about 90 degrees, one arm’s going to go backwards and one is going to come down. And you’re going to quickly go like that, keeping the shoulders nice and square. Get the rotator cuff nice and warmed up. Good. And the last one we’re going to do for our arm warm up is “Wringing out the Towel” Opposite arms going forward and backwards. Alright good.

Ultimate Work-out “Agility / Core”- And Helps Prevent Hip, Knee, Ankle and Back Injuries!

Hey, I’m Claire McDonald I’m here from INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY. We’re here to show you a conditioning workout today in Ultimate Frisbee. So this is going to help you be stronger, play faster and be a better Ultimate Frisbee player. If you have any injuries with any of these exercises or with anything that you’re unsure about, it’s best to consult your Physiotherapist just to make sure everything is good to go! We’re going to do some agility ladder training. So what that’s going to help with is it’s going to help you get more coordinated, faster agility and helps you with some cutting and faking out your player. So we’re going to do 4 drills. So the first one we’re going to do an “In-Out shuffle”, in & out of the line, the second one is going to be the “Icky Shuffle”, the third one is going to be a “Side-side Twist”, and the last one is a “Cross over” patterning. Alright… First one is the “In-Out Shuffle”. And then you’re going to do the “In-Out Shuffle” on the way back as well. And the next exercise on the agility ladder is the “Icky Shuffle”. And next, we are going to do the “Side-ways Twist”. Alright, so next we;re going to a “Cross Over” agility Patterning. And this is really focusing on the rotation and the pivoting as well. So this is really going to help with your cuts, getting more coordinated and more quick agility in order to make faster cuts. Now, we’re going to do a “Plank with a side-kick”. So when you are in the plank position, you want to be nice in the core engaged… so belly button up toward your spine, nice flat back, shoulders engaged not letting them sag, and no bum up in the air… and this is a good position here. And from here you’re going to kick your leg out to the side… about 10 repetitions and 10 repetitions the other way. Alright, Good! So yo can take a quick break. The next one we are going to do is a “StarFish Plank”. So with this one, what you’re going to do is put all your weight onto your … Let’s start with your right leg and right arm and transition into that. Keeping that core engaged as we talked about before… And you can plank over to the other side. Good!

Part 4 Ultimate Frisbee Core Strength Training: Disc Throwing Functional Core

Start by placing a resistance band loop that is just above waist height in length securely in your pivot shoe. Then wrap another band that’s shoulder width long around your ankles. Place the longer loop and the disc in your throwing hand. Next, begin to side step and initiate the flick throw and return to the start position. You can vary the side step to make it lower and deeper; Making sure you keep your form intact. Repeat 10-15 times. Next you will engage your core stability muscles to work in practicing your back hand throws. As you step forward and across the body to follow through make sure you keep your core engaged. Repeat this 10-15 times. Then engage your shoulder and core stability strength with your hammer throws. Also repeating this 10-15 times. Do 3 sets of each. Disc Throwing Functional core strengthening helps you to fully rehabilitate from shoulder sprains, rotator cuffs injuries, elbow strains, hip, knee, ankle, back or neck strains. This is great for taking that next step to increasing your functional shoulder strength because it trains the upper extremity to work in conjunction with your core stability muscles.

Ultimate Training – Reach Jumps 1-Leg

Helping you Sky the Disc Better: Reach Jumps on 1 Leg. Start by looping a resistance band around your foot securely in your shoe and the other end into the web space of your opposite hand. Start jumping on 1 leg from side to side while reaching as high as you can with the hand for 30 seconds. You can also do 1-leg reach jumps in the forward and backwards, and vertical directions, both with the resistance band for 30 seconds. Do 3 sets of each! This is great for progressing functional strength rehabilitation from injuries like ankle & knee sprains, hamstring and calf strains, shoulder sprains and RTC injuries.

Ultimate Training – Starfish Jacks

Welcome to part 2, Ultimate Training to better mark the disc. This exercise is called the Starfish Jacks. Have a resistance band tied around the legs above the ankles. Then secure a longer one inside your shoe at shoulder height and into the web spaces of your hands. Begin hopping to one side jacking the same side arm up and out and then switching to the other side like you were actually marking the disc. Throw in a foot block too! Do for 30 seconds 5 sets 2 times per day. This is great for progressive functional strength rehabilitation recovery in shoulder, upper extremity, Spinal, hip and lower extremity injuries.

Ultimate Training Star Fish Planks

Welcome to ultimate training to better mark the disc. Starfish planks are excellent for functional strengthening after coming back from injuries involving the rotator cuff, shoulder, elbows, neck and back, hip and groin strains. First, engage your inner core by making yourself skinner at the waist line, then with your core engaged move into the plank position. Then bring the right hand and foot out to the right and back again, repeat this ten times. Then repeat it on the left side and do a total of three sets of ten for each side.