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Shoulder Pain & Stiffness: Shoulder Muscle Stretch

If you feel some pain or stiffness in the shoulder, this stretch may help with the sports you play or physical activities that you do. To stretch out the right side, reach your right hand up and down your back keeping your right elbow pointed upwards. Avoid arching the back by keeping your spine in neutral. Pull the right elbow towards midline with your left hand while keeping the right elbow pointed upwards. Hold this for 30 seconds doing 3 sets on each side daily.


Planks are a very good isometric strengthening exercise for the scapular muscles, especially after a rotator cuff injury or other shoulder injuries. It can also help compliment the upper extremity and the lower extremity core. Start off in four point position by straightening out the legs one at a time with your core engaged by making yourself skinnier at the waistline. You’re going to hold that for ten seconds and you’re going to do three sets of ten to start.

Shoulder Stretch

Start by lying on your side with your shoulder at 90 degrees and your elbow at 90 degrees and gently push your arm towards the yoga mat and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat three sets, do it twice per day.

Supraspinatus Rotator Cuff Stretch

This is a stretch for the supraspinatus muscle. You’re going to step into the door with the left foot, throw the towel behind the back with the left hand and reach up behind with the right arm and pull the towel upwards with the right shoulder propped up against the corner of the doorway. You want to hold this stretch for 30 seconds, three sets, maintaining neutral spine and posture.

Posterior Capsule/Deltoid Stretch

This exercise is great to increase the mobility of the posterior shoulder capsule and deltoid muscle after injuring your rotator cuff & having scar tissue in the posterior shoulder capsule. Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent. Bring your arm up and across your chest and lean your weight onto the scapula of the same side. With your other hand pull the arm above the elbow across the chest. Hold this for 30 seconds doing 3 sets twice per day.