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Hip Pain and Weakness – Hip Flexor Bent Knee

Maintain a flat lower back with your feet in the air and your knees toward your chest while you keep your inner core muscles engaged below your belly button. Start by slowly lowering one bent knee down to allow the foot to reach the ground, and then return it to the start position above ninety degrees.

Ensure that your lower back remains flat and the opposite knee and leg do not move. Repeat this movement for 10 repetitions, doing 3 sets on both sides.

This exercise is great if you have hip impingement pain with muscle imbalances and weakness coming from your hip flexors. If you have any pain during the exercise or are unsure about what you are doing, consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.

Low Back Strain Disc Herniations: Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel down onto your left knee. Then rotate it about 45 degrees past the midline of your body. To keep your posture nice and tall imagine there’s a string pulling your whole spine upwards from your pelvis, right up your entire back and neck and up to the top of your head. Then engage your inner core muscles tight below your belly button and keep your low back flat. Next, bend the right knee forward and keep your posture nice and tall without leaning backwards. Then reach your left arm up pointing the fingers towards the ceiling nice and high and point your right finger tips to the floor. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times for each side. This stretch can help with low back strain due to disc herniations. If you experience pain and continue having problems then consult your Physiotherapist.

Hip Flexor Stretch

This is a stretch for your hip flexors. You’re going to start with the weight on the right knee and stay nice and tall with your posture, pretend there is a string pulling you up through your whole spine and rotate the back leg about 45 degrees. Then you will engage your core by pulling everything below the belly button in towards your spine making yourself skinny at the waistline, then as you lunge forward with the left leg with he weight on the right knee, you’re going to reach that right arm up all the way up towards the ceiling. As you are reaching up with the right arm you’re going to reach down with the left hand, opening up that whole right side. You’re going to hold this pose and stretch keeping that core engaged for 30 seconds and do three sets. Repeat it on both sides.

Strengthening Hips, Pelvis and Low Back For Ultimate Frisbee: “Psoas March”

This exercise is called the Psoas March and it’s really great for increasing your hip flexor strength with your core and also with giving you that explosiveness and is really awesome if you have issues with your SI joint and your hip joint. So we’re going to start off by actually having Vivian lying down flat on the mat and she wants to make sure that her low back is nice and flat; So that’s what the hands going to feel for so there’s no arching of the lower back. And you want to have this hands just below the belly button and that’s just going to help you engage that core a little more and you’ll feel a facilitation of that transversus. And you’re going to bring both knees up: So you want to have them up above ninety degrees… So here’s ninety and you want to go a little further. And then you’ll be wrapping a band around your feet and with the band you want to have it around the feet like this with the legs out a little bit with tension and parallel so they’re like train tracks. So you’re going to start in this position. The hardest part it is going to be maintaining the knee that isn’t moving up so it doesn’t move down with the other leg. So you’re going to start by holding this knee up while pressing down with this one all the way down… nice, and come back up nice and slow. Great! And Alternate. So all the way down… and then all the way back up. Great! And then.. that’s one… So do one on each side. Great! Keep Breathing… keep that core intact. Looks awesome Viv! Come back up. Thats’ two. Feeling good?! Good! This is your third one on the left. Awesome! And third one on the right. Great! So two more. Try to maintain that core with the back nice and flat… all the way down… and all the way up. Great! So this is the fourth one on the right. Ok, Last one. Great… and one more. All the way down. Great. Great! So bring your legs back down. So that’s just three sets of five. So you want to start off doing three sets of five and if you feel like you can up to three sets of ten then that’s what you want to work towards.