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Hamstring Strain: Basic & Progressive Functional Mobility

When you strain and injure any part of your hamstring muscle, an important part of the rehab process is to ensure that the sciatic nerve associated with it is moving properly. Depending on the severity of the injury, you want to start this basic mobilization technique within the first few weeks. With the basic nerve mobility exercise to increase hamstring functional mobility start sitting down with tall posture. Slowly extend your knee and flex your toes towards you to further mobilize the hamstring. Then return the knee and ankle back to the start position. Repeat this for 60 seconds 4 sets 3 times per day. With the Progressive nerve mobility exercise for the functional hamstring retraining start sitting down with your knees bent and feet flat. Begin to slump your spine so you’re slouching forward and then slowly extend your knee and flex your toes towards you. When it reaches full knee extension and toes towards you with a pulling sensation, straighten up you back to tall posture. Then return the knee and ankle back to the start position. Repeat this for 60 seconds 4 sets 3 times per day. 

Eccentric Hamstring Strengthening: 1 Leg Pendulum

This exercise is targeted for eccentric strengthening of the hamstring muscles and tendons. Start with your hands on each side of your hips. Engage your inner core by making yourself skinnier below the belly button and pulling in your waistline. Standing on one leg, bend your body forward by pivoting at the hips and allowing the non weighted leg to pendulum upwards with the movement. Return back to the start and repeat 3 sets of 15 repetitions. This exercise is excellent for increasing the functional strength of your hamstring muscles in conjunction with your core stability. It is particularly useful after recovering from hamstring muscle and tendon strains and overuse tendinopathies.

Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunges are great for strengthening the gluteus maximus muscles, Adductors Soleus, and dynamic stability strength of the Hamstrings after a hamstring muscle strain. Engage your inner core below the belly button, then lunge backwards with the knee barely touching the ground on the toes and straighten out the back leg while pushing off. Walk back to the start position and repeat the same side 15 times 3 sets on each side. Reverse Lunges are great for lower quadrant injuries from running, soccer, ultimate frisbee and all sports involving running.

Bridging Hamcurls

So this exercise to strengthen your functional core along with your hamstrings. You’re going to lie on a mat with your feet on a ball, and a theraband wrapped around your knees and you’re going to lift up your bum with your core engaged, dig your heels into the ball and do a ham curl. Hold it for three seconds and then straighten it back out. Repeat that ten times, do three sets and enjoy!