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Ball Releasing

So sitting on your side with your arm out, put the ball under where your hip meets the ground - this is the top of the IT Band. Usually you want to roll out before your stretch out and with rolling you want to roll parallel to the fibres first and then perpendicular. So for the IT Band, you want to roll up and down first and then across. For how long you should roll, usually it’s until the discomfort is cut in half, so when you first lie on the ball it will be a bit tender and then it should go down in about in half and that’s when you can stop rolling. Next is going to be the Piriformis or the glutes. So this one is a little bit harder to find but you want to put keep the ball a little more to the outside of the glute and little bit towards the top. So basically find a tender spot or a hot spot and for this you want to roll side to side and then you’re going to roll up and down.Next is for your back, so you’re going to take two balls and put them side by side, one ball should be on each side of your spine. You can put both of the balls into a sock to keep them together to make it a little bit easier to roll. It’s hard to roll from the top to the bottom of your back so you want to roll a few times on your low back before moving it up and rolling again. You’re going to keep moving it up until you’ve gone from above your hips to the top of your shoulders. For paddlers, the middle and upper back are going to be super important. A lot of paddlers are really tight between their shoulder blades and we want to open up your upper back to really get a strong stroke. And remember that rolling and stretching should be done after you’ve already done a good on water cool down. As a hands down really different paddling isn’t really enough, you want to make sure you paddle for 5 to 10 minutes at 70%, good hands up paddling to really optimize your recovery and prevent injuries from happening.