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One Legged Squat

This exercise is deceptively simple. It is called the one legged squat and the key of the exercise is, you want to keep the knee in alignment, don’t let it wobble back and forth. And as you keep the knee in alignment, you also want to make sure you engage the core as you squat down you want to bring the buttocks backwards so the centre of gravity is back, and as you squat down, you want to keep the knee over ankle - not over your toes. And you’re going to repeat three sets of ten. As you master that then you’re going to add a more difficult component - the hop. Now all this as you can see is using a red resistance band and as you do the hop you want to make sure you keep the alignment the same as you were doing before with just the squat. You’re also going to do three sets of ten.

Ankle Injuries & Ankle Sprains: 1 Legged Squat

The one-legged squat is an excellent exercise after injuring your ankle from a ligament sprain. It works your quad, posterior hip, core muscles and your balance and proprioception to help with your functional recovery. Starting with tall posture, engage your core muscles below the belly button by drawing the lower abs inwards toward the spine. Avoid arching the low back. With arms in a ready position do a one-legged squat with your body weight distributed equally over the foot. Don’t go any lower than a ninety degree bend in the knees, keeping your knees in alignment with your second toe and over your heel as much as possible. Hold for a good long second and then straighten back up with your butt muscles to the start. Do three sets of ten repetitions daily. 

Ankle Injuries & Ankle Sprains: Gluteus Muscle Retraining

This exercise is great for retraining your Gluteus Medius after an ankle injury. After you sprain your ankle, the muscles all the way up into the hip on the affected side can be affected. Begin by lying on your left side to strengthen your left Gluteus Medius “Butt” muscles. Keep your right hip stacked on top of your left hip and place your right hand on your right hip. Then bring your right foot on the ground in front of your left knee and bend the left knee to 90 degrees to stabilize yourself a little more. Next, bring your left foot up, while maintaining the ninety degree bend in your knee. Hold this for 10 seconds. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions daily.