Stretch Those Hips!

Hi I’m Natalie, Natalie Hernandez from INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY here in North Burnaby. And today we are going to show with Patrizio how to stretch out the front of your thigh and the front of your hip which are your hip flexors; And this is usually really helpful for runners as well as people who sit a lot at work and can be something to do at the end of the day to help out that back as well. So to do that hip flexor stretch we’ll go over it in sequence. To start off with the hip flexors it’s always good to know how to “Landmark yourself”. You can get a feel for that bony area there and during the stretch just make sure that it’s always in symmetry. So there… can you feel that? Yeah? Since this is a stretch it’s always good to feel supported so that we don’t go off balance. So the first thing is, since we’re landmarking the area, is to think of is to pull that tail bone in or tighten that butt right! And if you’re tight you’ll automatically feel that stretch there. Just make sure you keep that spine nice and straight and try not to lean back too much… and you can now support yourself over here. So if you feel there’s a stretch in this position then hold that stretch for a twenty seconds hold to a … thirty seconds hold. Obviously you want to do this on both sides. You can do three repetitions of it end of the day or the start of the day two to three times per day. The next step if this gets easier for you what I want you to focus on is actually keeping that core in, spine straight, pulling that butt in… you’re going to try bringing that knee towards the front and you will feel a deeper stretch on that left side of your hip …. yeah … that works out?… And same thing… do it on both sides. And I find it that to get a deeper stretch in this position to use a block to hang on to it too or a stool and let your other hand hang out on the side and support your yourself on that one… let me just switch this. It can be easier this way. And keeping that spine nice and straight, core on and drive that forward while this hand is hanging low … imagine that you’re reaching for that opposite knee while keeping that nice and straight. So that’s a good progression for this stretch… and you hold that position. And then going back so the last end goal is a combination of your hip flexor as well as the front of that thigh which is your actual runner’s stretch. So if we we’re to try it, what you want to do is … you can use a belt if it gets really hard to reach for that foot; But the idea is the same… same here… keep that spine nice and straight, core on, pull that belly in or tuck your butt in, drive that knee forward… and if you can pull that up using a belt or your hand. So that’s the runner’s stretch and go deeper if you can. So for a stretch, stronger doesn’t mean better. Go to that comfortable range and try not to pull a muscle. So yeah… that’s our stretch for today. Thank you.