Stephen Koo – Vancouver Physiotherapist

So I chose physio because from a very young age, I really liked everything to do with movement. I was very involved with sports and through that I really wanted to push the boundaries of what human movement can do, especially because I did dance as well. So that was something that was already an interest of mine. 

Going into university, I went into kinesiology, so more about the human body and human movement. And from there I had some opportunities to find work and try different things. And I realized that I wanted to know more about not just what the body was capable of, but also how and why. And from there it was like a natural progression for me in terms of physio just seemed like the next step. And from there, I worked really hard to get into physio school and here I am, and I felt like it's been a perfect fit ever since. 

I think Insync has a lot of the things that I really align with as a person. They really care about the community and it's a place where I feel like I can really make an impact and connect with people. And I think working in this team just makes me feel like I can grow and learn from a lot of the different clinicians and people here as well. And that's something that really brings me joy to be at a clinic that supports and surrounds me with so many good things. 

Yeah. So I speak English primarily but I was also raised in Hong Kong, so I come from a background of Cantonese and I can speak a little bit of Mandarin as well.

Orthopedics is something that is an interest of mine within physiotherapy. So I've done my level one in the manipulative levels. And that is an area of interest of mine because I feel like it really enables me to learn how I can go through assessing different people of different injuries but also knowing how to manipulate and move the body and yeah, just to find out what the root of the problem is and help people from there.

Sport injuries and other neck injuries, just day to day work things where we don't really notice, but stress kind of accumulates and different areas of the body gets tense. And I think those are also things that my interests of mine. Outside of the clinic, I still very much like to keep active if I'm able to. So I'm a big sports person. I like to play primarily ball and racket sports, so basketball, tennis, volleyball. Those are like my big ones right now. 

During the winter, of course, Vancouver's great where we can go up to like Whistler or Cypress and other mountains, so I really like snowboarding as well. And yeah apart from that, I also like to find all the hidden gems for food in different places. So, yeah.