Sports Physio and Orthopaedic Rehab Clinics Covid-19 Protocols

Hey Everyone,
It’s Wil here from INSYNC PHYSIO Sports and Orthopaedic Rehab Clinics. We’re just doing a short video here to show you what to expect on your first visit back to our clinics during Covid-19 in Vancouver and North Burnaby, BC. The purpose of this video is to go over the protocols that clients will be required to follow when wanting to access services at our clinics. These protocols are strongly recommended by The Provincial Health Authority of B.C. and our regulatory college. These will start even before you come into the clinic, right up until the end of your session and when you leave the clinic.

Please watch this short video from start to finish. And If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call! Before Arriving for your Appointment there will be a check list of things that we will go over with you as well as forms to sign. We’ll need you to fill out an online form that will be emailed to you through our Janeapp booking system. The form consists of a Client Screening Questionnaire and a consent form to ensure that you are comfortable with the risks associated with coming for an in - person appointment.

We require everyone to wear a clean mask before coming into the clinic. If you have a clean reusable or new disposable mask please bring one. If you don’t we will provide one for you at cost for $1.50 Please bring the appropriate attire for the body part that you are being treated for and leave unnecessary personal items (eg; extra bags, coats etc.) at home and come alone if unless a guardian or additional support is necessary.

Additional forms will also need to be filled out by anyone accompanying you. Arriving For Your Appointment All Clients are to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please ensure you have used the washroom prior to entering the clinic as our staff washroom is unavailable to clients unless it’s an emergency.

When you arrive please read the signs we’ve posted on the front door, and all the signs throughout the clinic. 
Please knock on the front door and our Client Care Staff will welcome you. 

Our Client Care Team will check that your C-19 Symptom Screening Questionnaire was completed. Please remember to do this before your appointment. You will then be immediately asked questions from the Questionnaire again. All staff will also complete the C-19 Symptom Screening Questionnaire daily. 

Before entering the clinic, you will be given hand sanitizer to use and asked to put on your mask if you brought one. It is mandatory to wear one before you step into the clinic and we can provide you with one (at cost) for $1.50. Ensure the colour side of the mask faces outwards. Find the metal strip and place it over and mold it to the bridge of your nose. Then place an ear loop around each ear. Cover your mouth and nose fully making sure there are no gaps & pull the bottom of the mask to fully open and fit it under your chin. Press the metallic strip again to fit the shape of the nose.

As you step into the clinic please observe the physical distancing signs. 
We will also check if you have a credit card on file. If possible, all payments will be done beforehand and any and all receipts will be emailed to you.

When ready, your therapist will come and great you and escort you to your treatment room. Each therapist is operating at a reduced capacity to decrease congestion, facilitate safe patient flow and to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of each room.

Your Therapist will ask you questions and perform specialized tests to assess your issue. A Hands on manual therapy approach will still be used, with some techniques being modified to treat the root cause of your problem. Individual home exercises may be prescribed to you in the room and if under special circumstance that you will be using the gym area, all equipment and space used there will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

After Finishing your Appointment. Use the hand sanitizer in your treatment room right after you change back into your clothes again. Your Clinician will then escort you back to the front of the clinic to assist in safe traffic flow. Standing in front of the plexiglass partition, our client care team can help you rebook your next appointment or you can rebook online at home. Here, they can also confirm that all payment and insurance claims are in order. 

The treatment rooms will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly with medical grade disinfectan each time they are used. Anything outside of the treatment rooms that have been touched will be cleaned and sanitized immediately. Please use hand sanitizer once more on your way out.

And thanks for helping us out in adjust to this new abnormal! We look forward to seeing you again.

And please…. don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great day!