Shoulder Tendinitis & Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: 4-Point Plank Walk-Out

A rotator cuff tear can cause a lot of muscle imbalances to occur at the shoulder complex. These imbalances can affect the optimal movement in the shoulder and delay your functional recovery. The four point walk out helps to retrain the muscle activation in the shoulder blade to work together with your rotator cuff muscles for a better functional recovery. Place your hands and knees in a four point position in neutral supine. It’s important to make sure your inner core is engaged and that your spine is in neutral posture throughout this exercise. Start by walking one hand out to one side, then back to the centre, and then to the other side, and back to the centre again. Put full equal weight each time you place your hand down. Repeat this for 30 seconds 3 sets 2 times daily. If you have any pain or unsure if this is the right exercise for you, consult your local Physiotherapist before doing this exercise.