Shoulder Rotator Cuff Strain: Scapular Muscle Strengthening

After straining your rotator cuff, retraining the muscles of the scapula is an important aspect towards full functional recovery with any activities or sports at or above shoulder height. You can do this without a weight at first to practice your technique, and if you are feeling confident with this then you can start with a 3 to 5 pound dumbbell. Start lying down on your back with your knees bent and your low back core stability muscles engaged. Straightening up the arm, begin to raise the dumbbell up towards the ceiling. Then at the end of the movement protract and lift your scapula up off of the floor with a focus on the posterior muscles doing the work and not your pectorals muscles. Do 15 lifts of the scapula for 3 sets daily. If you are unsure about your shoulder pain or about this exercise please consult your local physiotherapist before continuing.