Shoulder Rotator Cuff Strain Injuries: In / Out Rotation With Resisted Movement

If you have injured your shoulder rotator cuff but can still move it then this might be the right exercise for you.

With a light exercise band tied at shoulder level proceed to take up the slack. Then placing a folded towel between your side and elbow and place your opposite hand onto your shoulder lightly to prevent it from hiking upwards.

With the thumb up, slowly rotate the lower arm and wrist in towards your body making the upper arm and elbow the pivoting point and then bring the arm back to the start position with control. Prevent the elbow from pinching in towards your side or doing a chicken wing coming out. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each side.

Doing the unaffected side will also help with the neuromuscular rehab of the rotator cuff muscles. If you have any pain during the exercise or are unsure about what you are doing, consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.