Shoulder Rotator Cuff Injuries – Isometric Internal Rotation Exercise

Doing an isometric exercise simply means performing a static contraction of the muscle without moving the joints it is associated with. This exercise is one of the initial ones that you want to begin to do when you have a rotator cuff injury.

Standing on one side of the door way or hallway, make a closed fist and position your elbow at ninety degrees with your elbow tucked in and the lower arm pointing straight out. Have the front portion of your fist touching the wall and pull it into the wall without moving your arm, shoulder or body. Hold this for 10 seconds and relax it for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat this for 10 reps doing 3 sets daily.

If you’re unsure about the exercise or have uncertainty about where you’re at with your shoulder injury, book an appointment and have one of our Physiotherapists at either our North Burnaby or Vancouver locations to check things out.