October 10


Shoulder Injury Instability: 4 Point Compass

By Wil Seto

October 10, 2023

shoulder pain

Okay, so you're going to start off with tension in the band. I'd like to hold the band through the pinky side. And then 10 seconds. And then let's rotate. Exactly. You're going to hold it there. Try and keep your fist pointing. straight. Yeah, yeah that's it.

And then you're going to turn the other way now after 10 seconds, that's it. Always keep the fist, like the only thing that moves are your feet. And then you're going to hold that. So face me directly. And then after 10, you're going to straighten out the arm and then you can do triceps.

So try not to move the whole shoulder, just the elbow. You're just going to straighten out the elbow now. So you should feel that just in your triceps. So if you can even go a little bit higher. Yeah, that's it. You should feel it all in the triceps.

Wil Seto

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