Shoulder Injuries Instability Strengthening with Wil Seto

So I just got a five pound kettlebell. And we can also use a five pound double. And so we're gonna do an exercise to strengthen up the shoulder, I call it a straight arm rotations. 

So we're gonna just lie down at first. So if it's a heavier weight, so you want to do it in this way, so that way it's a lot easier to get into the position. So you want to be on your side. So with a five pound weight, obviously it's not too bad. So basically holding onto the weight like this. And then you're gonna roll over. And then you wanna make sure you sit the shoulder, so you engage basically the muscles into your shoulder blade. So you're gonna punch straight up and then engage.

And now from here, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually turn. So keeping my arms straight, I'm gonna roll and turn this way with my arm up like this. And what I'm gonna do here is I'm just gonna rotate. And what I'm working on here is just strengthening, rotation strength, integral range of motion. That's really useful. I wanna do this for 30 seconds and do three sets. That's ideal to do both sides. Once per day. 

To get out of it, I'm gonna roll back and I'll just disengage and down.