Shoulder Impingement Pain Advanced Strengthening For A Weak Shoulder

Hi my name is Iyad, I’m a Physiotherapist here at INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY. Today I’m going to show you an exercise that is particularly useful for any upper extremity rehabilitation or warm up. Some people in sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Rock Climbing, especially baseball or cricket where you involve a lot of throwing, this will be very very useful for it. Now the best thing about this is that you progress it on your own and you can modify it according to your needs. So all you need is a ball. The ball can have weight to it. That would probably help you by adding a strength component to this thing. Or if you’re not even injured and you just want a good warm up for the shoulder it can actually work really well for that. So the whole premise of this is that you are throwing the ball and catching it before it lands using a lot of the muscles of the shoulder blade and the rotator cuff to do so. So if you’re recovering from a strain and this is suitable for you and your stage of rehab then this would be a very good exercise. If not, then consult with your therapist. So the most primitive basic version of this is I start up here and let the ball drop and catch it before it lands, and I do this repeatedly. I do it to the time of 30 seconds to start, work your up to a minute even. It’ll really depend on your stage of injury and stage of fatigue. So this is the most basic version of it. If you’re a throwing athlete, you’re a baseball pitcher and you have problems at the end range when you’re releasing the ball, this would be a very good idea to start your exercise lower down and just practise catching and controlling that ball in different ranges. If you’re looking to modify it a bit more you can add weight. Use a weighted ball or you can start from down here, throw it up and catch it on the way down. Throw it up and catch it on the way down! Throw it up and catch it on the way down! This is really good for the fast twitch muscles in our shoulder because you’re trying to basically produce a force and then pump the brakes on the movement through your reactions. So you’re working two phases of the muscle contractions; The shortening phase and the lengthening contractions as well. Usually I start with about 30 seconds of this. Some people recommend doing this to fatigue. The who idea is to work the muscles and feel a bit of a burn but not actually strain. Don’t go to the point of strain. Consult with your therapist again to make sure this is the right phase of your rehabilitation because if you’re early on and you’re shoulder’s very flared up this might actually not be suitable for it.