Shoulder Dysfunction & Injuries: Episode 1 – Improve Functional Mobility

My name is Iyad, I’m a Physiotherapist here at INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY. What I would like to do today is go over an exercise I use for people who have a very weak and painful shoulder. Typically in those cases they lose a bit of range of motion. So this exercise is a very good way to start getting it back in a very de-threatening way to the shoulder that can actually help it through its range as it gets better and stronger. So for this you’re going to need to attach a band higher up just slightly above you. If you don’t have anything in your house else higher up that you can do in standing, you can just bring a chair and sit down and do the same thing. So what yay do is start the exercise here at the level that your shoulder is comfortable at and don’t push above it. So get the tension there, open your hand, pull the band down a little bit and clasp on it. So now there’s a tension higher up that’s going to want to bring my shoulder above. So what you do is pull down first, you hold for a second, then you let it take you up higher. Right after then, you do the exact same again, but this time you let it progress you a little higher. So you do that again, pull down, and let it take you higher up. And another time, you do that exact same thing… pull down and let it take you higher. So this is a really effective way of regaining some of your range of motion in flexion or you can it in this side angle of abduction. The exact same thing… you’re just going to do it facing away from the band and let it take you up. Now I recommend doing this exercise starting with a thicker band because when the shoulder is early on in the injury, it’s a little more… typically tends to be weaker, a bit more painful… so you start with a thicker band so you do less of the work and let the band help you on the way up. As you get stronger, you drop to a less resistance like a green band if you’re starting with a blue or go down to a red or yellow. Now for this thing, because its a range of motion exercise it’s better to do it throughout the day and not just in one set. I recommend doing 5 reps, 5 times per day or if you are a busy person 3 times per day should get you results. You should be seeing yourself go higher and higher each time. It’s ok to feel a bit of pain as long as it’s acceptable along as it’s not too intense, you should be ok. You’re not doing more damage when you feel it; It’s just that it tends to be more sensitive in those early stages so you just want to push past that.