Shoulder & Back Pain / Dysfunction Prevention: Lat Stretch in Standing!

Hi, My name is Iyad, I’m a Physiotherapist at INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY. Today I want to show you a simple stretch for the Latissimus Dorsi muscle which goes right over here from the shoulder right down to your low back. Quite often in sports like rock climbing or even ultimate frisbee or volley ball you use a lot of this muscle to climb up or send your arm up and going down. You want to keep your muscle loose and this is a simple stretch that you can do at home. All you’re going to need is a band … something stretchy but still quite a bit stiff so it’ s not looser version like something like that. You need something that’s going to provide you some resistance. A tire tube would work really well or a pull up assist band. Loop it around your hand and have it loosely there. You shouldn’t be gripping too much because that’s going to limit the amount of stretch you get. So just have it there to provide a bit of resistance. And you start walking back until you feel some tension and you lean into it. When you lean into it you should feel a stretch throughout this area here and maybe even lower down, but you shouldn’t be pushing into too much discomfort. The whole purpose of this is to give you a nice comfortable stretch to help you regain some of the range of motion that you may have lost from a lot of usage of that muscle. It should be comfortable throughout. Hold it for 30 seconds. You might find you may be able to drop a little lower into it and that’s completely fine. I would do 2 to 3 rounds of 30 seconds and doing it so it’s comfortable.