Sacro Iliac Joint Injuries – Monster Band Walks

Start with a resistance band wrapped above your knees with the slack taken up. Be in neutral spine posture with your inner core engaged and your lower back flat.

Then assume an athletic stance with your hips and knees bent with your butt sticking backwards and your upper body leaning forward and hands in front. Take a side step and straighten out your knees, hips and body as you land your weight onto the stepping foot.

Return to the athletic stance and repeat. Perform 2 reps on one side and then 2 reps on the other side doing this 5 of them on each side for 3 sets.

If you are doing this exercise in a gym or space that has more room then you can perform 10 side steps in a row and then switch to the opposite side doing 3 sets in total. This exercise is great for strengthening your gluteus medius muscles to help with the rehab of your weak and dysfunctional sacro iliac joint.

If you have any pain and problems with this exercise or are unsure about what you’re doing consult your local Physiotherapist before continuing.