Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injuries: Hello Kitty in 3 Point

Doing rotator cuff strength exercises with hip extensions with your core engaged allows more optimal muscle activation patterns to fully rehab your shoulder.

Start by going into a 4 point position on your hands and knees. Make sure your posture is in neutral. This means that you are keeping the head up, chin slightly tucked in, shoulder blades strong by not allowing the upper back to collapse, and the low back in a slight curve allowing the butt to gently stick out.

With your lower core muscles engaged, grab a ball and squeeze it with your right hand. While you maintain the ball squeeze and focus on keeping the shoulder blades strong so they don’t collapse inwards. Extend your left hip and leg backwards (lead with your heel) and lift the right elbow up to the body and the arm parallel to the ground. Bring the hand downwards into internal rotation by rotating at the elbow only.

Rotate the arm back up into external rotation so the arm is parallel with the ground again, and then rotate it back down. Remember to stay strong in neutral posture. Repeat this 10 times, doing 3 sets on each side.

By strengthening the movement pattern of the entire shoulder in this way, you can have better success with the rehabilitation of your rotator cuff injury.