Rotator Cuff Related Strain Injuries – Arm Raises With Band Resistance

Start by wrapping a closed loop resistance band around your open hands. Taking up the slack of the band by adding a constant resistance, keep the forearms parallel to each other by tucking the elbows in close to your sides. Make sure you create train tracks and not chicken wings with the alignment of the forearms and elbows.

Reach the hands upwards stopping at 3/4 of the way up with the forearms aligned and constant isometric resistance into the looped band. Slowly lower the hands back down with control until the elbows reach your sides again. Repeat this for 10 repetitions doing 3 sets daily.

Research studies show that if you keep the hands open when doing this exercise, you will be working the scapula, or the shoulder blade muscles of the shoulder complex more and that’s exactly what we want to be doing. This will help you in the rehab of your rotator cuff related strain injuries.

If you’re unsure about the exercise or have uncertainty about where you’re at with the recovery of your rotator cuff related injury, book an appointment and have one of our Physiotherapists at either our North Burnaby or Vancouver locations to check things out.