Rotator Cuff Injury Rehab Shoulder Press Kettle Bell Perturbations

Tie a heavy duty resistance band to a 5 pound kettle bell. Secure it onto the middle of the handle. Stand with your feet in a square stance and engage your core stability muscles of your lower core to prevent your spine from moving and compensating.

Lift the kettle bell straight up by punching the fist to the ceiling. Make sure to reach a little higher with your fist without changing the alignment of your posture. With the shoulder blade fully engaged, bring the hand out to the outside a little more and keep your fist reaching towards the ceiling.

Then move the fist forward and backwards into an internal and external rotation motion. Repeat this for 30 seconds doing 3 to 5 sets on each side.

This kind of perturbation training is aimed towards a more progressive shoulder rehab strengthening for excelling in return to sports and play that require dynamic overhead shoulder rotator cuff strength and stability.

If you have any pain or difficult doing this exercise, consult your local physiotherapist before continuing.