Preventing Cycling Injuries – Wall Squats

Hi everyone just another exercise to help with cyclists here. A pretty common one actually. I’m just squatting, here I have 10 lbs in each hand. So I'm going to go slowly down. I use a ball at the back actually for proprioception, I like feedback.

Knees are shoulder width apart, you're just slowly lower down. This is quite good for the quads here at the front. It lengthens under tension, which means its an eccentric contraction and then we are slowly going to come up.

We are going to do the same again. The main things that are going on here is really working the quads slowly on the way down even hold is for two or three seconds at the end then pump it up as well. Really really good for the gluts as well, all powerful muscles when you're trying to drive the bike forward. I would usually do this maybe 12 times, 3 times a day if I could.

It's also what we called a closed kinetic chain exercise so our feet are fixed to the ground just like you're doing in cycling. So that’s another good one just to add to the core exercises. Cheers everybody!