Preventing Cycling Injuries and Hip Injuries – Core & Hip Strengthening with Leg Weight

Hi this Simon Kelly here at the Insync Cambie Village clinic just showing you a slight progression from the last exercise I showed.

What you need to get is like a sweeping brush, this is the end of a sweeping brush obviously holding it out in front of you like that. A good idea again to keep the elbows slightly bent.

Instead of having a thera-band around my foot this time I am after attaching a weight and then we are going to be a little straighter up like that, arms bent and you're going to lift your knee right up and slowly on the way down and again for me, right up and slowly on the way down.

This is actually quite good for balance as well, something that we call proprioception. So again we are just re-enacting what we are doing on the bike again its working the hip flexors even more here. If you go down slowly you're working the hip flexors eccentrically which is lengthening so its better to go slow on the way down. Thank you