Prevent Injuries Before They Occur

The Functional Movement Screen can be Helpful 

There was an article in The Globe and Mail earlier this year stating the importance of prehabilitation. Read the article here (PREHABILITATION).

Core Stability Muscle Training

In summary, the article states that many people go to physio once theyre injured, but a physio could help you prevent that injury from occurring in the first place. Physiotherapists look at seven main things during an assessment:

  1. Posture
  2. Movement Screening
  3. Muscle weakness
  4. Muscle inflexibility
  5. Joint mobility
  6. Faulty movement patterns
  7. Activities of daily living

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A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a process that analyzes movement patterns that you do on a daily basis. The screen uses a ranking and grading system to identify imbalances and asymmetries in the body that lead to pain, tightness and distorted body awareness. The screen examines fundamental movement qualities such as range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and proprioception. After completing the FMS, a score is generated that is used to: 

  1. Target your weakest movement patterns
  2. Track progress

Your personalized score is then used to generate a custom exercise program to restore functional movement. The FMS was designed for everybody – not just athletes can benefit from a Functional Movement Screen! The FMS has been used by professional football players as a screening tool to indicate those at greater risk of injury during the season (check out the article here: Functional Movement Screenand continues to be a fundamental part of preseason training for many different sports teams.

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Heather Camenzind (Johnstone), Registered Physiotherapist Send Email

Heather Camenzind - Portrait

Heather attained both her Masters of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Human Kinetics in Exercise Science degrees from The University of British Columbia. She has experience working with a wide variety of clients, including sport injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries and post surgical related cases.

She is a certified FMS provider. On your first visit, Heather will take a short history that allows you to express your goals. She will then guide you through the FMS process. She will discuss the scoring findings with you and set a plan of action. On your second visit, Heather will guide you through your customized exercise program. Don’t worry if you dont want to go to the gym or have any equipment at home, Heather can design a program that is achievable for you in your home without any specialized equipment.

Please email Heather If you have any questions regarding the FMS.

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