Paddling Stretches Part 3

For the next stretch you’re going to lay on your back with your arms straight out and you’re going to bring one leg across your body. This is an upper back stretch but depending where you’re tight, you may feel it in your back, your chest or your glutes. Repeat this stretch on both sides. Next lie on your side and grab your top ankle with your top arm, you want to try and keep your core engaged so your lower back doesn’t arch. This is a quad stretch which is good to do on it’s own but you can also make it more of an IT band stretch by bringing your bottom foot up onto your top knee and pulling it towards the ground. You want to repeat this stretch again on both sides. The next stretch is for the hamstrings. You can do this with a partner or in a doorway. You’re going to lie flat on your back and put your ankle on your partners shoulder, have them bring your leg towards your body until you feel a strong but comfortable stretch. You can also put your heel onto a door frame and put your other leg, the one still on the ground through the doorway. This will allows you to bring your leg closer to your body by moving further into the doorway. On the right, you can see how people typically stretch their hamstrings and most of the time people arch through their back to try and increase the stretch which isn’t good for your low back. The stretch on the left keeps your back nice and neutral and tends to allow you to get a stronger stretch.