Patrizio Jacova, Registered Physiotherapist


Patrizio graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelors in Human Kinetics and a Masters in Physical Therapy. He has completed certifications in Orthopedic and Manual Therapy Level 1, Complete Concussion Management, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1, and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).

Patrizio has a passion for sport and athletic performance. As such, he has enjoyed providing coverage for a variety of sports organizations including the residency teams of the Vancouver Whitecaps, Division 2 Men’s soccer, and U19 Men’s Lacrosse. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball recreationally but is always excited to hear about everyone’s passion for their own sport, whether they participate in urban rec or compete professionally.

He is dedicated in helping you with a treatment approach that incorporates advanced manual therapy utilizing specific joint and soft tissue “hands-on” mobilization techniques and IMS trigger point dry needling. After performing these reset techniques, he believes in targeting functional and optimal movement patterns through exercise therapy while providing you with crucial information for injury recovery and prevention. Your movement, recreation, and rehab goals are important to Patrizio and he will continue to use the most recent clinical evidence to help you be your best.

Outside of the clinic, Patrizio is always looking for a new hike to explore, a different route on his road bike, fresh powder for his snowboard, and another piano composition with which to challenge himself.