Nadine Stunzi, Registered Physiotherapist

MPT, BSc Hons, IMS

Quite simply, Nadine believes that being a physical therapist is a tool towards building resilient bodies and therefor stronger communities. She fundamentally believes we are meant to move dynamically and challenge our bodies, especially when pain and injury arise. Using rehabilitative science, mindful movement, manual therapy and IMS, Nadine strives to optimize healing and performance for all of her patients. Her physiotherapy practice centres around patient empowerment and education; helping patients to trust the body’s amazing restorative capacity.

Nadine plans to pursue further education in orthopaedic manual therapy, functional movement screening, oncology and dry needling. In addition to a musculoskeletal focus, Nadine hopes to grow a cancer rehabilitation caseload by offering customized exercise programs and treatment to cancer patients. Most importantly, Nadine is committed to lifelong learning and an ongoing reflective practice as seen in her monthly blogging ritual.

To stay fit, Nadine trains regularly with kettle bells and treks up mother nature’s stair-climbers. To keep it light, she loves outdoor play; snowboarding and kite-surfing mainly. Lastly, did I mention that she loves all foods green and hard cheeses?!

  • Level 1 certification of the Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy Diploma
  • Owen’s Science Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation certification
  • K-taping Pro certification 2016
  • Level 1 Kinetacore functional dry needling certified