Lynita White, Registered Physiotherapist


Lynita completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia (UBC), following a Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC, and a Psychology degree at Queen’s University in Ontario. She is pursuing her Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy, and holds a number of certifications in continuing education courses, as well as Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy course training.

Her clinical experience with a wide range of clients — from motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, athletic injuries, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic pain, and geriatric rehabilitation — is complemented by a four-year background in rehabilitation research, which includes tendon healing, chronic pain, and patient education. She has had her work published in peer-reviewed academic journals, and continues to stay up-to-date on the best clinical research to provide her clients with the best possible care. Her treatment approach combines manual therapy, functional exercise, and education.

Lynita discovered her passion for physiotherapy when recovering from an ACL repair and eventually returning to play in the National Ringette League. She has over 20 years of athletic experience under her belt, playing on provincial, national, and international teams, as well as coaching elite teams in the Lower Mainland.

On the weekends, you’ll still find her at an ice rink. On the off-season, she’ll likely be making her way up a North Shore mountain, reconnecting to nature in the place where she grew up.