Jacob Silverman, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)


Jacob developed a broad foundation sports at a young age; competing on his school’s team for cross-country running, basketball, soccer, track and field, and non-competitively trained gymnastics as well as CrossFit. He studied anatomy and physiology at UBC, where he began taking yoga classes to manage stress from school and pain from recurrent ankle sprains, torn meniscus and many minor muscle strains from years of playing sports. Yoga became pivotal in his life and it was during his 200-hour teacher training that he realized he wasn’t molded to be a scientist. The work just didn’t suit him and after much consideration decided massage therapy felt to be a good alternative.

Today he continues to pursue an active lifestyle. He is an all weather commuting cyclist, rock climber, weightlifter and general practitioner of movement. As a therapist his intention is to get you moving more, with less discomfort and with greater ease. Through application of specific manual interventions aimed toward treating your areas of complaint and progressive exercise protocols together you will work toward achieving your goals.