Andrew Tervit, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)


Andrew started practicing as an RMT in 2012 after graduating from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy where he cultivated his interest in rehabilitation and recovery. His education and volunteer experience covered working in hospitals and long term care facilities to onsite at sporting events and clinics. Whether you are coming in for relief of a repetitive strain injury from long hours at your home desk, overtraining for your virtual marathon, help with lower back pain and cramping due to pregnancy, or from chronic pain due to a past accident or athletic career, Andrew will do his best to work with you and your body to alleviate whatever is causing your discomfort.

Outside of work, Andrew jumps at any opportunity to be outside, whether it’s canoeing, rock climbing, triathlons or stealing his friends' dogs for hikes. Andrew also works on his health and balance with an avid Yoga practice. Over a lifetime of activity and exploration, Andrew’s love of sports and the outdoors have given him a comprehensive understanding of the goals and motivations of athletes of all levels, as well as a first hand knowledge of being injured and the rehabilitation process. Andrew’s experience with physiotherapy and massage over the years fuels his interest in helping others return to the activities they love.

In Vancouver

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