North Burnaby Physiotherapist Victor Cheung – Sport and Spinal Injuries Rehab

Victor: What inspired me to become a physio was mainly my dad. He unfortunately had some health complications earlier in his life and, you know, just seeing him go through the rehab process was just super important for me because I realized that if he didn't go through the rehab process, he wouldn't be able to walk and be as functional as he is today. And that's just kind of what really inspired me to become a physio.

Wil: What would you be doing if you weren't a physio? 

Victor: If it wasn't a physio, I think I'd be, a carpenter. A carpenter is kinda just what I always thought I wanted to do. Just kind of work with my hands and, you know, building things, building projects, and just getting my hands dirty,

Wil: Why carpentry?  

Victor: I just really like a lot of aspects of the carpentry, whether it's finished carpentry, just making the place look good, but, or also even just the structural aspect. I just like it and something about just working with your hands.

Wil: What do you do for fun other than, it sounds like you do carpentry. 

Victor: What else I do for fun is just kind of go out. I like to try a lot of food places, go to the gym a lot, go hiking, try to play some basketball whenever I can and yeah, just kind of enjoy even though like a night in. Just watching Netflix. 

Wil: What is your special area of interest or focus in treatments? 

Victor: My areas of interest is I would just say that a very general kind of musculoskeletal type of injury or rehab. I like to really just see anybody ranging from, you know, the average Joe to an athlete or even older person, older population. I guess, area of interest or focus is I really like to get my hands involved in the treatment, like really hands on approach to treatment. To really kind of, for one, for me to get to know your body, and really just try to give you that targeted approach to treatment. And with that, I really like to give really focused exercise that works well for you. In addition to the hands-on approach, cause I find that a lot of exercises that people might do a very generic exercises. That might be great exercise, but it might not work best for you. And so I really like to explore even that realm with you, when I'm treating.