Neck Strain Injuries – Progressive Core Muscle Activation

Begin with nice tall posture with the inner core muscles below your belly button engaged to keep the entire spine in neutral. You want to maintain the plumb line posture and only move your shoulder and arms throughout this exercise. Press the tongue up against the roof of your mouth and maintain that pressure throughout.

With a resistance band wrapped around both hands, lift your arms up to shoulder height with your elbows straight and shoulder width apart taking up the slack of the band. Then slowly move the hands outward with control taking 5 seconds and then take 5 seconds to slowly return the hands back to the start. Do this for 10 repetitions for 3 sets 3 times daily.

This exercise helps to progressively activate the core muscle stabilizers in the front of your neck called the Longus Colli.

If you have increased pain or are unsure about what is causing your neck pain, book an appointment and have one of our Physiotherapists at either our North Burnaby or Vancouver locations to check things out.