Neck Rotation Mobility “SNAG”

Today’s exercise will allow you to maintain mobility in your neck after treatment or regain your neck rotation range of motion. This exercise is a pain-free way to mobilize your neck. If you have any pain with rotation, especially at the end of your range of motion, this will be very helpful. This exercise can also be helpful in cases of cervicogenic headaches. 1) Find where the hairline ends to locate a noticeable “bump” or point on your neck. This is your C2 spinous process spot. 2) Place the edge of an unrolled towel over that point. 3) This exercise has to be 100% pain-free. If it is not, then the direction of your pull is slightly off or this exercise is not suitable for you so consult with your therapist before starting this exercise. 4) Cross your hands over, making sure the top hand is the same side of the direction you want to rotate towards. 5) If you are turning to the LEFT side, the RIGHT arm will pull the towel DOWNWARDS towards the middle of your chest and the LEFT arm will pull the towel roughly towards your LEFT eye. 6) To avoid losing contact with the towel, make sure it covers your face at all times. 7) Complete a pain-free rotation with a sustained towel pull, hold it at the end of the rotation for 3 seconds and return to your starting point. 8) Complete this exercise 3 times per day towards the direction of restriction.