Neck Mobility Exercise #3: Stiff Neck Due to Whiplash, Trauma or Strain

So our next exercise will talk about mobility for the neck, particularly with rotation. Quite often when the neck is very stiff, it can be quite uncomfortable to turn so I find that just simply giving your hand around your neck a bit of a tug there to help it support. You’re guiding the neck a bit through the range. So you start off here and you turn into a comfortable position. You can feel a bit of a discomfort on the end or a bit of stiffness between the shoulder blades or even in the side muscles of the neck like your traps and that’s completely fine. I would start off doing this 5 to 6 times, 5 to 6 times a day. So you want to just get more frequency throughout the day, and as you get better you can up your sets and reps. But it’s quite simple; you place your hands across here and then turn this way. In case of shoulder pain where you’re unable to reach across, you can still use the same side. The whole idea is that you want to rotate to a comfortable position. It’s ok to hit a bit of a barrier or a bit of discomfort and work your way back to the centre.