Neck Mobility Exercise #2: Stiff Neck Due to Whiplash, Strain or Trauma

This next exercise is a mobility exercise that I generally use for upper quarter complaints. So that would be a stiff neck, stiff shoulder or stiff mid -back. It should be done comfortably several times per day. I usually start with 5 reps 5 times a day and then work my way up. You can experience a bit of discomfort or pain and I’ll demonstrate the exercise right now. So you simply point your thumbs up and you just want to move through a fews reps of this throughout the day. You might experience a tinge of discomfort or a tinge of pinching in the mid back for example. That would be very very normal especially in the early cases of acute onset of neck pain or mid back pain. It can be quite helpful even after a car accident where everything seems to seize up a bit. So Again, it’s a very simple motion up and down and you can experience a bit of discomfort and that’s completely fine. I would do it several times a day. Start with 5 reps of 5 sets and then work your way up from there.