Neck Mobility Exercise #1: Stiff Neck Due to Whiplash, Strain or Trauma

So our next exercise is a range in motion mobility exercise. This is a great exercise after car accidents if your neck is a bit sore, if your upper back or shoulder blades are a bit sore. And this is something we usually say to do a few times a day for maybe 5 to 10 or up to 15 repetitions at a time. So this one can be done either sitting or standing, whatever’s the most comfortable and functional for you. And the set-up is quite simple. Start by crossing your arms comfortably in any position that you like. And then just actively turning your body to one side til you hit a bit of a barrier of some kind, and then come back. So this can be a bit sore, a bit stiff and you’re very much allowed to just bump into that. And then you might want to turn to the other side, touch a bit of a barrier and then come back. And so I would repeat that anywhere from 5 to 15 times, 3 times per day to start with.