Neck Extension Mobility “SNAG”

Today’s exercise will give you a pain-free way to regain mobility in your neck, particularly in neck extension (looking up). The goal of this exercise is to allow you to either maintain the mobility in your neck after you see your physiotherapist or when you find that the extension motion is limited. 1) Find the right spot. Locate the fold in the bottom of your neck when you look up. 2) Use the edge of an unrolled towel pulling towards the direction of your eyes. 3) This exercise has to be 100% pain-free so maintain the direction of pull with your towel during the motion. 4) Start by pulling the towel towards the level of your eyes. Sustain this pull and look up. 5) Complete this 3 times for 3-5 second holds daily. Remember, you should feel NO PAIN during this exercise. If you find it painful, try modifying the angle of pull to find a pain-free zone. If you cannot find a pain-free zone, then do not perform this exercise and contact your treating therapist.