Low Back Pain

Is it a slipped disc? Is it a pinched nerve? What did I do to my lower back? These are questions that many of our clients have been coming into the clinic with. Hi, everyone it's Wil here from Insync Physio Sports Orthopedic Rehab Clinics. Back pain certainly can be painful, unpleasant and inconvenient, but what's not certain about what back pain is, is what causes it most of the time. 

Our physiotherapists have had clients come into our clinics with these exact questions and concerns about their lower back pain and dysfunctions. So the main thing to understand is that the cause of lower back pain in every back injury is not the same.

So for example, one client came into the clinic to see one of our physiotherapists with radiating pain going down her leg. Turns out that she had just had some imbalances in stiffness from her spine from a lack of mobility. And she didn't have a herniated disc or a slipped disc that she was worrying herself to death over. And she actually got better in just a few sessions. 

Another client came in with right butt pain. His progress was a little slower and our physiotherapist referred him back to his family physician to get further investigations done. Turns out that he had some more major wear and tear going on in the lower segments of his spine. But eventually he was able to get back to his sports, albeit more slowly and carefully after about four to five months. 

So the real key to getting better from your back pain is really understanding what causes it. And also what are the ways that you can actually approach to not only getting it better, but preventing it from actually happening again. Research studies indicate that if you don't rehab your lower back injury properly, then you actually have an increased chance of re-injuring it again, and even worse than you did the first time. 

So instead of consulting Dr. Google, I would highly recommend consulting a trained physiotherapist that can treat the root cause of your lower back pain and injury. That way you can really connect with how you really want to move again.